7 Best Pregnancy Exercises for a Fit and Fabulous You

By Kathy

pregnancy exercises


Exercising during pregnancy is both safe and healthy. In fact, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists states that there are many benefits of moderate exercising for pregnant women. Such as reduced back pain, healthy weight gain, and improved overall fitness. Exercising during pregnancy will not lead to miscarriage or low birth weight despite some claims. Now, with that being cleared, you are probably wondering what exercises are best to practice during pregnancy. To help you out, we highlighted the 7 best exercises to do during your pregnancy recommended by health care experts. Continue reading →

3 Tips om weer aan de slag te gaan na je zwangerschapsverlof (+ winactie!)


Door Bas

Om als kersverse moeder na een periode van veel aandacht voor je kind en slapeloze nachten weer aan het werk te gaan, kan best pittig zijn. Grote kans dat je je kind gaat missen en weer moet wennen aan de sfeer op het werk. Toch hebben veel vrouwen ook wel weer zin om aan de slag te gaan. Om de overgang wat soepeler te laten verlopen, heb ik een aantal praktische tips voor je op een rijtje gezet. Continue reading →

Hoe kies je de basisschool die past bij je kind?

basisschool kiezen

Mandy Wijn-den Uijl


Logan is nu 3,5 en over een paar maanden mag hij naar de basisschool. Een grote stap.

Mijn kleine ventje gaat een nieuwe fase van zijn leven in. Hij gaat spelenderwijs leren en krijgt te maken met sociale interacties. Vriendjes maken, samen spelen en vast ook eens ruzie maken.

Maar hoe kies je nu de basisschool die de komende 8 jaar het leven van je kind voor een groot deel gaat bepalen? Het kinderdagverblijf waar Logan 2 dagen per week naar toe gaat zit in hetzelfde gebouw waar ook een basisschool en BSO zitten. Ideaal zou je denken. Maar toch hebben wij een andere basisschool op het oog. Continue reading →

Why you should use eco friendly cleaning products when you have kids


eco cleaning

By Sophia Evans

We’re all very passionate when we fight against germs and bacteria in our homes. We’re easily lured into buying the latest “Germ-killer 9000”. With its flashy packaging and false promises to eliminate every germ in our home. But do we really know what we bring into our home environment by cleaning with commercial market-bought cleaning products? I’ll tell you – we bring nothing good.

It’s proven that most market-bought detergents (including the claimed-to-be Eco-friendly detergents, too) are filled with a potentially deadly cocktail of chemicals. Which can cause the development of asthma and it could even cause hormonal imbalance. On the contrary, using Eco-friendly cleaning products (preferably such you’ve made yourself) won’t introduce any dangerous chemicals in your home environment. Continue reading →

How to Bring Happiness to Your Everyday Life

how to happiness

By Peter Minkoff

The pursuit of happiness has become an integral part of modern life. However, as much as people try to reach that goal and find happiness it seems that most are just left stressed and anxious. Why is happiness proving to be so elusive? Some research suggests that the problem might be in the way people define it and try to reach it. According to psychology, happiness is not about achievement but finding meaning. If you want to bring happiness to your everyday life and work towards that ultimate goal try these simple steps and let us know how it works out. Continue reading →

5 Fun Activities for Pregnant Moms

activities pregnant moms

By Peter Minkoff

Pregnancy is a roller coaster. A time of hormonal changes, fatigue, food cravings, food aversions and multitudes of other changes. Even if you experience all the pleasant and not so pleasant changes, there is so much more to look forward to. After that initial stage comes the second trimester popularly known as the honeymoon phase. You enter the phase of glow and high energy levels. And your baby bump is cute but not so heavy as to hinder your movement. This is the perfect time to make the most of your pregnancy and engage in safe and super fun activities that will make this magical time all the more special and memorable. After all, you’re growing a human being, so if you can’t get a medal, you can at least indulge in some serious pampering! Continue reading →