10 Pinterest Tips for toddler activities


pinterest tips toddlers

Whether you have to play inside because of bad weather or are in a rut. Pinterest always helps to find new fresh ideas to keep your toddler busy and occupied.

  1. Sort by color

color sort

I’m trying to teach my toddler the names of colors.

His favorite color is green. I sometimes try to place toys with similar colors together but I’m not quite sure he sees they have the same color in common.

Having only 2 options or colors to choose from makes it easier to understand the ‘game’.



2. Rainy Day Activities

rainy day activities

This is a great post with lots of ideas of what to do when you’re stuck inside.

One of Logan’s favorite activities is to go outside when it has stopped raining. We both put on our rain boots and splish and splash in the puddles together!



3. Toddler to do list

toddler to do list

I make a to do list for myself daily. So why not make one for your toddler as well? The above examples contains enough activities for whole week instead of just one day I think.


4. Ways to get crafty with kids


ways to get creative with kids

When it comes to getting creative, we haven’t done much more than painting.

This post also contains a lot of ideas to try out.


5. Family night ideas for families with toddlers


family night ideas toddler

Choosing activities that the whole family enjoys can be hard sometimes.

In this post you find some awesome ideas for quality time as a family.



6. Night time yoga for kids

yoga for kids


I’ve been doing yoga for a couple of weeks now. And I always feel much better and relaxed after a class.

When Logan’s a bit older I’d love to do some yoga together.


7. Kids chores by age


kids chores


There can’t only be fun. Teaching children to do chores from a young age will give them a sense of responsibility.

I’m glad we taught our son to clean up the toys he was playing with when he wants to play with something else. We just a system with baskets.

We have a basket with wooden trains, plastic trains, cars and Duplo. The baskets are placed in a closet on a higher shelf. This way he learns that he has to ask when he wants something

and makes it much easier to keep toys organized. I personally detest it when trains get mixed up with Duplo :-S



8. Parenting Pinteresting Tricks

parenting pinteresting tricks

I’ve tried out this idea of coloring inside of a box and it was a winner!


9. Homemade play dough

play dough

This is something I’ve also tried. Homemade play dough is really easy to make. No I just need to stop my son from eating it instead of playing with it.


10. Toddler adventure

toddler adventure

I really enjoyed reading this post about making big adventures out of little things.


I hope you got some inspiration from my Pinterest favorites.


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