32 Birthday Goals


32 personal birthday goals


So much can happen in one year. But when I truly look back at the last 12 months I often think about things I would’ve liked to do or wanted to have accomplished by now.

You can keep dreaming and make plans in your head but by writing them down they become much more tangible. Checking a goal of your list can be really satisfying.

It’s time to make a list of all the things I want to do and accomplish and make them SMART. To see my goals written down makes it’s easier for me to accomplish them.

Because I turned 32 years old this year I came up with 32 goals I want to achieve this upcoming year.


  1. Be present on social media, 32 days in a row 

    This year I’m going to do all I can to get a bigger reach with MomMandy.com. In order for me to gain more followers it’s a must to be present on social media on a daily base. They say that when you do something 23 times in a row it becomes a habit. Ways to do this can be: snapping a picture on Instagram, write and promote a blog post, engage with other bloggers and their content. Alright, let’s get this show on the road! I’m gonna start this goal tomorrow on June 1st so it’s easier to keep track. In order for me to stay in the social media flow I’m preplanning some updates and posts with Hootsuite and Facebook. What’s life without a plan?

Instagram is an easy way to be present on social media. I just shoot a picture and post it. Here are my latest shots.


mommandy.com instagram

Follow me on Instagram here.


This goal has been achieved! I’ve been active on social media daily. 


2. Find a great yoga class near by

 I’ve found a great yoga teacher who has a tuesday night class just a few blocks away! I took my first class this tuesday and I really liked it. I felt so much better afterwards. This is something I really want to turn in to a healthy habit. So why not kick it up a notch and try to have a weekly yoga class 32 weeks in a row? Tonight I’m going to my 4th yoga class. Although I do need to prep myself to change clothes and actually go, this goal is coming a long nicely. The dates I took a class so far: May 17th, May 19th, May 24th, May 31st, June 7th, June 14th, June 21st, June 28th, July 5th, July 12th, July 19th, July 26th.

Goin to a yoga class has become a habit and I love it! I feel comfortable in class en love being able to let the tension in my body go through stretches and asana’s. Achievement unlocked!


3. Host a karaoke night 

Yeah did it! I love to sing and having a night out with my friends and throwing all our energy in to a song is amazing!


birthday goals karaoke



4. Office make over

> Make a mood board to make my wishes clear


5. Go on vacation

Yay we’ve planned a little getaway with the three of us. I can’t wait and I’m literally counting down the days 🙂

In the last week of August we went to a holiday park and guess what? I got sick! We did go, hoping I would get better in a few days but I didn’t 🙁 Nothing I could do about it than accept and go with it.


6. Get a massage

Yes another goal accomplished! I had a wonderful day all by myself at the spa. I relaxed in the sauna’s and had a lovely Ayurvedic massage at Spa Puur





7. Start painting again 

I finally bought a few blank canvas and transferred my energy into a painting. It made me feel good to get creative and now I definitely want to paint more often. I’ve ordered fresh tubes of paint and I want to pick up a few more canvases this week to get the creative juices going. Here’s what I made:


Studio Amerhyst

What do you think?


8. Be a yes gal for one day


9. Be a yes gal for one week


10. Study herbology


11. Have our house cleansed of unwanted energy


Yes did it! I didn’t hire someone to do it but went along and did it myself. I ordered some dried sage and incense online and purified our home.


12. Install a cat flap

My stepfather in law is going to install one 🙂

Said cat flap has been installed. Now we need to train our cat Sprite to actually use it…

Update: Sprite has learned how to use the catflap on her one! Kudo’s to our furry friend over here.


13. Paint the inside of our back door


14. Go to the beach 


15. Visit an art gallery


16. Purchase a big houseplant


17. Read

I’m reading a book called: Lust in je leven door schrijven.


18. Go skydiving


19. Dress up nice at least once a week


20. Purchase a nice big crystal for the house


21. Book a BFF weekend: we’re planning to do this in November


22. Organize and declutter my wardrobe

I finally did a MAJOR purge where I took out all the bags of clothes that were ‘hiding’ in the attic. I’ve limited myself to have one bag with winter clothes to have in storage. My minimalistic wardrobe is getting closer and closer.


23. Set up yearly, monthly, weekly and daily blog goals


24. Run myself a detox bath


25. Get a new tattoo


26. Go to a blogger event


27. Get an aura reading


28. Buy one big piece of furniture for the house


29. Try journalling


30. Go to a concert


31. Dye my hair 

Yes I dyed my hair! I love my new dark red hue (l’oreal creme casting hair dye). It’s nice to make small changes. I’m taking care of myself and I’m looking just a bit different.

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-14 om 13.47.12


32. Declutter all the rooms in our house


Brain dump

By putting my goals and wishes in a list my brain doesn’t have to think about them all the time. To reach all my goals within 365 days it means that I roughly have to reach a new goal every 11 days. Some goals are easy, some goals are harder to achieve because they need time and or money. This list will be updated every few weeks to keep track of my goals.


What goals have you set for yourself lately?


Do you want to read more about the goals I want to achieve?

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