4 Decor Pieces to Make Your Kids’ Room Pop


Decor ideas to make your kids' room pop

By Emma Lawson

Your child’s room should never be boring. Plain designs look too serious and your child needs a place that feels comfortable and encourages their creativity. That is why you need a statement piece or two that will instantly elevate your kid’s room and change its dynamics. Believe it or not, only one statement piece can do the trick, but if you’re indecisive, here are four of them to get you started.

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Walls with character

You need to personalize the walls a bit if you want the room to pop and inspire creativity. However, fancy artwork can be expensive, and let’s face it, your child doesn’t really need it. The best way to add some character to your walls is by painting them in a bright color that will draw attention. You can even choose two complementary colors and paint the opposite walls in the same one. You can draw animals, trees or objects on the walls. This will liven up the room and provide the needed pop. On the other hand, if you do wish to have some wall art, you can rely on cardboard prints of superheroes, unicorns, inspiring words or cute little ice creams. Or go bold and try making your own DIY wall decor.


Install a canopy

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Nothing makes your child’s room more unique than a wonderful canopy. Hang it above your child’s bed or in the corner of the room and let it speak for itself. You can even decorate it with some star garlands or string lights. And lay comfy cushions or a soft rug underneath it. All the eyes will be drawn towards this gorgeous nook and it will change the atmosphere in your child’s room into something magical. What’s more, this little corner can boost your child’s imagination. Since it’s a great place for playing pretend or simply relaxing and reading their favorite stories. Also, you can decorate the canopy together with your child in order to satisfy their desires and help them create their own dreamland.



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Yes, toys, crayons, games and teddy bears will add character to the room. But they can also make it look like a war zone. You will need a creative way of storing all of your kid’s belongings. But don’t settle for something too simple. Since you will be using plenty of storage units, you should be inventive enough to make a statement with the units and spice up the room a bit. Consider some decorative bins where you can put all the crayons, crafting supplies or some bigger toys in. Another option is getting a decorative kids’ toy basket which you can place in a corner. While all the toys will be neatly stored, the colors and patterns of the basket will contribute to the overall design. Another great idea for the storage is an open cubby system that will teach your child organization and add character to the room with its colors.


Fun bedding

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Choosing interesting bedding is perfect for making the room appear more special and dynamic. Don’t settle for simple white sheets and linens because those will only make the room seem dull. Instead, listen to what your child wants. You can easily go with some princess and unicorn bedding for your girl. While boys might want superheroes, cars or even some space-like bedding. Also, you can invest into bedding that will suit any style, age or gender and decorate it with some matching pillows for a cohesive look. Just remember that colors are important. You can easily find fun bedding that will provide a dream-like atmosphere and make going to bed even easier.

Every child deserves a comfortable and fun room where they can spend the best moments of their childhood. So, unleash your creativity and make the room pop with some of these decorative pieces.


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