5 Fun Activities for Pregnant Moms

activities pregnant moms

By Peter Minkoff

Pregnancy is a roller coaster. A time of hormonal changes, fatigue, food cravings, food aversions and multitudes of other changes. Even if you experience all the pleasant and not so pleasant changes, there is so much more to look forward to. After that initial stage comes the second trimester popularly known as the honeymoon phase. You enter the phase of glow and high energy levels. And your baby bump is cute but not so heavy as to hinder your movement. This is the perfect time to make the most of your pregnancy and engage in safe and super fun activities that will make this magical time all the more special and memorable. After all, you’re growing a human being, so if you can’t get a medal, you can at least indulge in some serious pampering!

1. Pampering extraordinaire

This is your time to shine. While you may not be able to engage sports like you used to, you can take a completely different route – relax, and then relax some more. Go get a facial, treat yourself to some amazing new things, such as stylish maternity clothes. Take a relaxing walk around your favorite park, and the final touch – order an at-home pregnancy massage. There are amazing professionals that turn your home into your own little massage salon. All you have to do is relax and let them work their magic while you enjoy the smell of amazing oils and lotions. And you can just feel all the stress and fatigue wash away from your body. These massages can relieve stress and even foster better sleep. And you’ll definitely want to snag as much sleep now while you still can.

2. Bring on the decadence

If you’ve been dealing with nausea and weren’t able to hold anything down, this is the time to make up for it. Of course, eating for two is a myth, and by now every future mom is aware of that. It’s important to have a healthy, balanced diet in order to keep excessive weight gain at bay. Still, if you’re generally careful, you can afford to ‘cheat’ every now and then. Therefore, feel free to make reservations at one of the finest restaurants and treat yourself to the most decadent meal on the menu.

3. Turn up the heat

During the second trimester it’s likely that you’ll experience a spike in your libido. So make sure you use that feeling. Buy some sexy lingerie and turn the volume up in the bedroom. First of all, this is great for you, as you deserve all the pleasure you can get. But it’s also highly beneficial for your relationship as sex during pregnancy increases the sense of closeness. During pregnancy everything is more emotionally charged and sex can strengthen your emotional, physical and mental bond.

Speaking of closeness, it would also be a great idea to join a prenatal class. This is a fun thing you can do as a team. And aside from being fun, it teaches you everything you need to know about how to handle the first few months after the baby comes.

4. Water, water everywhere

In order to keep moving, one of the best forms of sport you can take up are swimming or water aerobics. Swimming can give you a sense of freshness, freedom and comfort. It’s also wonderful for relieving back pain, toning the muscles, and can also reduce swelling. Of course, the additional incentive is that it’s highly beneficial for cardiovascular health.

5. When it’s almost time

A few weeks before having the baby, it’s time to put the future mommy on a pedestal and throw her a baby shower. This is your day to be surrounded by dear friends and family members, play games, laugh, eat amazing food and open up extravagant presents for the baby. Make sure to doll up and take lots and lots of photos because these moments are something you’ll cherish forever. Of course, the main perk of the baby shower is that you’ll get amazing things – and who doesn’t love presents?

Peter is a parenting and lifestyle writer for Voice Boks magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.


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