588 outfits with 26 items. It can be done!

minimalist wardrobe


My minimalist wardrobe can be worn is summer, fall and spring (I have 2 bins in the attic with my heavy winter coat, knitwear, scarfs and hats). 26 Items work for me, but you may want to adjust that number to suffice in the climate you live in and to your personal needs.

Currently my minimalist wardrobe consists of the following pieces:



minimalist wardrobe tops


Tops (total: 12)

1 blue & white tie dye top

1 grey printed top

1 cobalt blue knitted top

1 blue lace tunic

1 turkoois top

1 yellow/brown striped top

1 cream colored top

1 grey t-shirt

1 black long sleeved tunic

1 3/4 sleeved teal tunic

1 print short sleeved tunic

1 dark blush top


minimalist wardrobe bottoms


Bottoms (total: 7)

1 pair of orange brown leggings

1 pair of flared jeans

1 pair bootcut jean

1 pair of grey skinnies

1 pair of light blue skinnies

1 denim skirt

1 black skirt


minimalist outfit

Shoes (total: 7)

1 pair of black heeled booties

1 pair of brown suede heeled booties

1 pair of brown heeled booties

1 pair of wedges

1 pair of black sneakers

1 pair of pumps

1 pair of wedge sneakers


If you do the math: 12 tops  x 7 bottoms= 84 outfits

If you count the shoes as well: 12 tops x 7 bottoms x 6 pairs of shoes = 588 outfits!


That means a different outfit every day for 1, 5 years.

That doesn’t sounds so minimal to me at all 🙂

Now to bring the theory in practice. Will every top in my collection work with every bottom? Let’s find out and experience a little.


I get a lot of outfit inspiration from Audrey from Putting me together. She has great tips on how to make the most of your wardrobe and how to wear a garment in different ways.


How about you? Is your wardrobe maxi or mini?