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8 tips for a 15 Minutes Kids' room clean up

By Faith

The kids’ room is always a parents’ nightmare. No matter how often you repeat to your children that they have to clean their room, the effect is often nil. Children always have something way more interesting to do rather than cleaning and tidying up their room. And there is a bit of sense here. It’s their room, they don’t mind how it looks and usually they don’t understand why it’s so important to their parents.

In this every day battle parents need to take things in their hands to clear away the mess. If you’re a busy parent with little time to take care of your kids’ clutter, here are some tips on how to do it in 15 minutes.


1. Start with clearing or throwing away useless items

Thoroughly look for food packages, dirty dishes or leftovers. Children like to eat in in their room and usually they forget to clean what is left.

2. Collect all school items and organise them

Choose a designated place for pens, pencils, rubber bands, rulers, etc. Insist your kids to put things back in their place after every time they use it. Choose another place for books and notebooks.

3. Make the bed(s)

Quickly smooth the sheets and straighten the bedspread. Looking at a nice and tidy bed makes so much difference for the bedroom.

4. Clothes

Take all dirty clothes of the floor and put them in the hamper. In case there are clean clothes out of the wardrobe, refold and put them them back.

5. Pick up

Take a basket and pick up all toys. Don’t worry if toys are not in order, the important thing is they are in one place and not scattered around the floor.

6. Time to clean

Now you’ve gotten all toys and clothes out of the way, cleaning should be a breeze. Use all purpose cleaner to save time. Don’t bother moving furniture while cleaning. Just vacuum and mop around them.

A tip from carpet cleaner london w3 is to involve your kids and ask them to move some of the furniture. For instance chairs, or other items that aren’t heavy and can easy be moved around.

7. Let your child take responsibility

Now that the room is cleaned and tidy let your child put the toys, which you’ve picked up earlier, away. 

It’s important to let your kids help and let them have responsibility for their stuff. With older children, you can explain each step or write it down if necessary. It will help them remember the order of the different tasks and it will be easier when they clean their room next time. In addition, when your kids see that it takes only 15 minutes they may start cleaning their room more often.

8. Chores

You can make a schedule with different chores for every day. Instead of cleaning the bedroom as a single task you can set up smaller chores which look simpler and have greater chance to be done.

And last but not least, it’s important that your children know why you want something done. Tell them that a clean house is important for a healthy and happy life.

And you’re ready! Sit back and relax 🙂

Bio: Faith is a writer and mother of two small children. Keeping a home clean and tidy with kids is a real challenge. She is also a manager of Carpet Cleaner London.



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