How I became a cat lover – from scaredy cat, to cat lady

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I never considered myself an animal lover. When I was a child, dogs used to scare me and I didn’t give a damn about cats. There were the occasional bunny, hamsters, and even guinea pigs. But they never got tame because I was too they would bite my finger.

Cat Allergy

I also was very allergic to cats. I remember a few times when I was visiting friends who had to take care of cats from whom the owner was on vacation. And the minute a cat hair would reach my skin, it got all swollen, puffy and scratchy. My eyes started to water and I would get sneeze attacks. Not very nice.

Things change

But it all changed when I got a babysitter job with a family with two busy redheaded little boys. And they had two cats: a black one and a red one. The first few times I babysat I got the old sneezes and scratches. So I tried to stay away from the cats. But as I babysat there frequently the cats got used to me being there. And the black cat even started to like me. At least I thought so. Because one time when the kids were in bed and I was flicking through the tv channels he got on my lap! And I was like: Ok, hello kitty what are you doing?? But he was actually really sweet. He laid his front paws on my chest (it was a male cat) and started snoring. And I was like: Ahh this isn’t that bad. And what happened was; my immune system gradually got better. And after half a year I wasn’t allergic anymore. Who would’ve known that could happen? And I and the black cat became the best of friends.

Not lonely anymore

So at that time, I was living alone in my apartment and sometimes I got a little lonely. I don’t like to be alone a lot, I prefer the company of people. And at that particular time, I was dating my hubby and he suggested getting myself a cat.
I had to think long and hard about that. Because well, you gotta be home a lot to feed the cat, change the litter box and give the cat its attention. But I made a list of pro’s and con’s and I decided it was time to welcome a cat in my life.
Then the journey to find my perfect cat companion began. We searched online for pet shelters and we’ve found one in a city near where we were living. So we had to think about what kinda cat we wanted. We decided we wanted a girl and I thought a black cat would be awesome (so people would think I was a witch, muahahaha). 


Kitten lady

We got in contact with a woman we referred to as the kitten lady. We told her we wanted a black female kitten and she found us a foster family who had taken in two little black kittens. I made an appointment with the family to get introduced to the kitties.
And the moment I sat down on their couch she put the two black fluffies on my lap. And they immediately started snoring. It was so cute! I actually wanted to take both home with me. But at the time we didn’t have a lot of money so we only could take in one.

And that little black kitty was Nova

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I never thought I could get so attached to an animal. She’s the sweetest, softest and cuddliest cat in the world. 
What about you? Do you have a pet?


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