Plan A Holiday For The Whole Family

family holiday

By Stephanie Bates

Being a proud and busy mom is a wonderful thing. Yet it comes with a lot of responsibilities. Taking care of the household and your little ones is pretty much a full-time job. But that doesn’t mean you need to stick with housecleaning and meal-prepping 365 days a year. Your family needs a vacation too! And who knows better how to plan a family holiday than those who are always around?

We’ll run through some points that will ultimately make it easier for you to plan your family’s perfect getaway while staying within your budget. (more…)

#DIYmetViking Bloggersevent

  Ik ben voor de allereerste keer naar een Bloggers event geweest. En het was leuk! Voor wie op kantoor werkt of heeft gewerkt komt de naam Viking vast bekend voor. Je kunt er allerhande kantoorartikelen bestellen. Maar wist je...