7 Best Pregnancy Exercises for a Fit and Fabulous You

By Kathy

pregnancy exercises


Exercising during pregnancy is both safe and healthy. In fact, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists states that there are many benefits of moderate exercising for pregnant women. Such as reduced back pain, healthy weight gain, and improved overall fitness. Exercising during pregnancy will not lead to miscarriage or low birth weight despite some claims. Now, with that being cleared, you are probably wondering what exercises are best to practice during pregnancy. To help you out, we highlighted the 7 best exercises to do during your pregnancy recommended by health care experts. (more…)

Parent kid dance

  Last week I had a great experience with my 3 year old. We took a parent-kid dance class together! Quality time I was really excited to do this activity with Logan. He’s not involved in any clubs or activities...