Decluttering Your Kids’ Wardrobe: everything you need to know

By Zara Lewis

minimizing wardrobe

They grow up so fast, don’t they? It’s tempting to keep every piece of your kids’ clothing. Because we all follow the same logic of “it might come in handy”. But it’s best to start early when it comes to making smart decisions regarding your kids’ wardrobe. With just a few hours of dedicated purging and organizing, you can save plenty of time and money for something more important.

Here are a few life-saving tips on decluttering your kids’ wardrobe. It’s all about building a minimalistic mindset.

Your infant’s essentials

My initial thought during my first shopping spree for our baby girl was: “Oh she would look wonderful in that striped one-piece! And the pink one! And the yellow-blue one!” Although these baby years are perfect for expressing your stylish ideas when dressing your little one (especially if your first baby is a girl), you should think in terms of practical, baby-friendly outfits and accessories first. This is something I’ve learned about on our way of parenting and I’m sure lots of parents do.

Use a single dresser to store all diapers, skincare products,  pajamas, onesies, T-shirts and hooded towels. For easy navigation, put the bedding in a separate drawer. Place cotton pram blanketsalong with a pair of clean spare bed sheets all in one place. And voila! Your baby’s essentials fit in a single dresser perfectly!organized zara lewis decluttering

Your toddler’s must-haves

As they grow up, kids will need more spac. But you don’t need to overflow their closet with unnecessary doubles and too many options. If you have a top shelf, you can store hygiene products there. But even if you don’t, a few added pockets on closet doors will suffice.

Use your hanging space for storing T-shirts, dresses and pants. In which case you might find these practical baby-friendly hangers useful. Make sure to stick to single digits. Your kids will do just fine with a selection of about 4-5 pairs of various pants (fancy, playtime and casual). As well as T-shirts and of course, as many undergarments as you need.

Your schoolkids’ necessities

Before you start shopping for colorful bowties and fun pant-shirt sets, make sure to donate, give away or sell your baby clothes. By now, they only take up space and you can use that drawer (or the entire closet) for your kids’ toys, books, school material and even arts and crafts.

Plus, they’re still growing very fast. So it’s best to keep their clothes minimal, but versatile. They’ll quickly outgrow them, so stick to their everyday pants, shorts and T-shirts. As well as seasonal shoes and one fancy combination. Use this cleaning session to store away clothes that are not in season, and the ones you intend to give away. Color-coding will help you keep everything organized. While clever pockets and added drawers can help you store more items without taking up extra space.

If you start decluttering your kids’ wardrobe from an early age, you’ll set a valuable example for them. But most importantly, you’ll nurture a grateful, caring child that will appreciate and enjoy life’s wonderful adventures and experiences rather than material goods.


About Zara:

My name is Zara. I’m proud mom of three: one fur and two kiddos. I’m a life coach, writer, content editor on High Style Life, fitness&yoga enthusiast and passionate promoter of a healthy lifestyle. In my free time (huh?) I enjoy reading a good book or practicing yoga and if there’s more than just an hour or two, we as a family grab our bikes or backpacks and usually go somewhere out of this hectic and noisy city we live in. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember and I love to write about things that are part of my life and inspire me, mostly parenting and healthy lifestyle topics. 


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