Why you should use eco friendly cleaning products when you have kids


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By Sophia Evans

We’re all very passionate when we fight against germs and bacteria in our homes. We’re easily lured into buying the latest “Germ-killer 9000”. With its flashy packaging and false promises to eliminate every germ in our home. But do we really know what we bring into our home environment by cleaning with commercial market-bought cleaning products? I’ll tell you – we bring nothing good.

It’s proven that most market-bought detergents (including the claimed-to-be Eco-friendly detergents, too) are filled with a potentially deadly cocktail of chemicals. Which can cause the development of asthma and it could even cause hormonal imbalance. On the contrary, using Eco-friendly cleaning products (preferably such you’ve made yourself) won’t introduce any dangerous chemicals in your home environment.


The benefits of using environmentally friendly cleaning products are a lot and today we’ll reveal only a small part of them. Remember that it’s of pivotal importance to use Eco-friendly cleaning products if you have children. Because however harmful the chemicals from market-bought detergents can be for you, for your children the damage is a thousand times bigger.


  1. Using eco friendly cleaning products will promote a healthier environment – both at home and globally

You can imagine how toxic the chemicals in market-bought detergents might be if they can mess up your hormones. Did you know that using a household cleaning spray as little as once a week can increase the risk of developing asthma by as much as 90 percent? If you, on the contrary, opt to use environmentally friendly cleaning products, you’ll be able to enjoy purer indoor air. What’s more, you won’t pollute the environment.


  1. Using environmentally friendly cleaning products will reduce the risk of accidents

You remember that when you were a child your parents kept all detergents away from you, right? It was all for a reason. Since market-bought detergents are so dangerous to breathe, imagine what they can do if they are drunk or eaten. Going green will reduce the risks and the chances for you to run towards the hospital any time your child touches or plays with household cleaners to a minimum.


  1. Using eco friendly cleaning products will not destroy the bacteria we need to stay healthy

You all use at least one antibacterial cleaning product, right? Did you know that the chemicals contained in those products can’t tell the difference between bad bacteria and the ones we need to stay healthy? It’s very likely that the antibacterial cleaning product you are using has destroyed the good bacteria in your child’s body, and in yours, too. Some chemicals contained in antibacterial soaps and detergents are proven to kill good bacteria in your body and they can even promote bacterial resistance to antibiotics.


  1. Environmentally friendly cleaning products are not bio-accumulative

Of course, you want to ensure a healthy environment for your child to grow in, right? In your attempt to remove all dangerous bacteria and germs, however, you harm your child even more. The chemicals contained in most market-bought detergents are bio-accumulative, which means that they build up in your cells and tissues and promote the development of serious diseases. On the contrary, Eco-friendly detergents don’t contain dangerous chemicals and by using them, you won’t damage the health of your child.


It’s time to go green, parents. Using environmentally friendly cleaning products will make us healthier and happier. And, most importantly, it’ll ensure that your child grows up in a healthy environment, too.


Bio: Sophia Evans is a cleaning expert and proud mother of two. She managed to turn her passion into a business. She truly believes that we have to be more responsible when it comes to using toxic products.


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