[:en]My experiences with Forever’s C9 (Clean9)[:]

[:en]my experiences with clean9 C9


Before I started my detox challenge I was sure detoxing was something you did to loose weight. Turns out it can be if you choose so but it doesn’t have to be.


C9 challenge accepted

After a thorough explanation about the C9 I started to see the benefits of cleaning my body of toxins. I really wanted to try it because I wanted to feel better and have more energy while remaining at the same weight. I also thought that detoxing meant you had to, you know, ‘starve’  yourself. But after I found out I could eat vegetables and fruit to quench my appetite I decided to take on the challenge. The thing I did found hard was the fact that I had to quit coffee for 9 days! As a mom of a toddler that seemed like to biggest challenge to me.


Ready, set? Go!

The C9 is a box filled with products to get rid of toxins in your body. You drink aloe vera gel to literally clean your guts. It’s kinda like a toothbrush for your digestive systeem. Once the ‘plaque’ is removed, your intestines can absorb the nutrients in your food better and more efficiently. On the first 2 days you drink drink Aloe Vera gel 4 times a day and take supplements 3 times a day. You can have one  shake instead of a meal and one stick of fibers to keep your intestines going.

Although the supplements are pretty big I had no trouble swallowing them. And the Aloe Vera gel wasn’t half bad! It has a sour-bitter taste which reminded me of lemon juice with pulp. And the shake actually tasted pretty nice. Because my goal was to not loose weight I was advised to take an extra shake and lots of fruits and vegetables. Being hungry makes me really cranky. So each time I felt the munchies I drank herbal tea and had a snack. My favorites ones on day 1 were:

  • appels
  • mandarins
  • cucumber
  • grilled courgette

The program also suggests you do some daily exercise. If you’re a person who’s not very active, this is a great way to start. You only need to do 30 minutes of moderate exercise like walking or yoga each day.


On day 2 I didn’t even miss coffee that much. I bought several herbal teas for variation and extra fruits and veggies. I loved my:

  • grilled aubergine with curry powder
  • fruit salad (with grapes, mango, pine apple and apple)
  • tomatoes
  • celery

From day 3 to 9 you can have a normal meal at dinner. I did enjoy eating together with my family and looked forward to that moment all day.


What goes in has to come out (eventually)

When you do want to loose a few pounds the booklet that’s included in the box provides you with a list with fruits and vegetables which are good to eat. On the second day I could really feel and hear my intestines interacting with the Aloe Vera gel. My intestines were definitely doing a clean up if you know what I’m saying 😉 I thought my stool would be different but actually it was very consistent and normal looking.

After the first days I was used to the flavor of Aloe Vera gel and my new routine. I did my 30 minutes of exercise and on my gym days I did about 45 minutes extra.

I did had one cheat day when we went to visit my moms. She mad her famous apple pie and I just couldn’t resist a small slice! I didn’t work myself up about it though. I enjoyed it and then got back to the program.

I can imagine that if you want to begin with working towards a better version of yourself C9 can be a great starting point. For me, detoxing made me focus on my body and I learned that I can live without my daily food and beverage staples for a week and a half. I did feel more energetic in the evenings and succeeded in maintaining the same bodyweight.


If you’re interested in trying C9 for yourself you can buy a box here.


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