How Gardening Makes You Happy

How gardening makes you happy

By Ann

It has been scientifically proven that gardening is an effective way to curb depression and mood swings. Gardening helps you concentrate and connect with nature. When your hard work comes to life and your planted flowers, fruits, or vegetable bloom, there is no happiness and joy quite like it. Even the simple task of digging and tending to the plants emits a plethora of happy juices in your brain. Moreover, it’s a much healthier alternative to hobbies like watching TV. Gardening boosts your immunity and makes you healthy and happy. Avid gardeners are often found claiming that even if they are in the worst of moods, some time spent in their garden helps them focus and be calm.

Getting dirty while gardening makes you happier

Digging up soil for planting different seeds and plants is a wonderful and remarkable way to boost up your mood. Did you know that digging up soil helps you come in contact with particular bacteria, called Mycobacterium vaccae! This bacterium helps trigger the discharge of serotonin in your brain. Serotonin is a natural anti-depressant and uplifts your mood. Moreover, playing and digging up dirt is a wonderful way to strengthen your immune system. In the recent years, scientists have proven that rather than staying indoors and away from dirt and dust, it’s better to stay in its presence. All you need to do is grow a healthy lawn and spend your free time basking in its glory.


A harvest high to get you going

When you plant fruits or vegetables in your garden, the blooming harvest makes you so much happier. The very smell, sight, and touch of the fruit of your hard work release dopamine in your brain. Dopamine assists in helping your brain into a trance of bliss and euphoria. Just imagine the moment you get to pluck the first fruit or vegetable from your garden. It gives a satisfaction that is very hard to ignore. The very act of growing your own fruits and vegetables and to be able to provide for your family will release lots of happy juices in your brain. You will feel a sense of accomplishment and pride just with the simple act of gardening.


Interaction with wildlife

As soon as you create a beautiful garden, you will see various wildlife being attracted to it. Different types of birds, butterflies, and much more will make your garden their home. You will get to interact with them all, see them first hand in your own home. Not only will you feel honored that they chose your garden, but also feel incredibly grateful for the wonders of nature. The constant presence of these beautiful birds and butterflies will help you gain a new perspective on the importance of life. Just imagine waking up to the sweet and melodic songs of birds in your garden. If just the thought of it makes you so happy, imagine how sweet the reality will be.


Family time

Gardens are a great way to interact with family and teach your kids the wonders of nature. A colorful and blooming garden will make the family picnics so much more enjoyable and fun. Moreover, you can encourage your kids to take part in the planting and growing. It will not only help them learn new things but also help them stay away from their electronic gadgets and TV. Make it a family thing where you all get together and garden. Gardening will be the perfect activity to share with your loved ones.


Tastier and healthier food

The fruits and vegetables that you grow with your own hand will be so much sweeter and tastier than anything you get from the market. Your homegrown fruits and vegetables will give you a sense of pride, accomplishment, and gratification. The lack of any chemicals and harmful compounds in your products will make them much better than the ones sold in shops.


So, what are you waiting for? Go out, buy some seeds, and start preparing your own garden today. You can grow anything you want, be it just some decorative flowers, fruits, or vegetables. Not only will you get healthy and nutritious products but you’ll also be making yourselves healthier and happier.


I’m Ann, I have dedicated most of my life in gardening. This is a subject I enjoy the most. I have been a fan of flowers and plants ever since I was a kid. 




  1. Debbie says:

    Hi Anne, I’m not very good at gardening, but the little I have done does give me great pleasure and homegrown veg tastes the best. Last week I planted some sweet basil and the joy I got when I saw some had sprouted was I was ecstatic. I had no idea about mycobacterium vaccae, any good bacteria is a bonus especially one that triggers happy hormones!

    Popped by from #PoCoLo


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