How to Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

pre baby body

Almost every mom out there says the same thing: “The baby has turned my world upside down, but in a good way.” Yes, motherhood is wonderful. It’s also a hard, fulltime job and sometimes it really does take a village.

Even though you’ve read all the books and acquired as much theoretical knowledge, no one can prepare you for the love and the amount of concern that washes over you. However, there comes a time when ‘the dust settles’. You get the hang of things and you establish a routine. Your partner and you are like an oiled machine that gets the job done. This is precisely the time when you should take the time to reclaim your body back. Pregnancy takes a toll on your appearance, and once you are confident in your skills as a mother, it’s time to regain confidence in yourself as a woman. 

Get moving

It’s understandable that, with your hands full, you can’t exactly get back on the treadmill. That’s ok, because ‘traditional’ exercise isn’t the only way to be active and shed those extra pounds. Start light; put your baby in the stroller and take long walks. And when they’re a bit older, you can even invest in a jogging stroller and start moving a bit faster. This way, you spend quality time outside, bonding with your baby and being active as well. In addition to this form of exercise, you can also enroll in mommy and baby exercise classes. There are amazing yoga and fitness classes specially designed for new moms and their babies, so just do some research and find your nearest one.

Two in one

If you’re a mom who breastfeeds, you are already familiar with the importance of proper diet. After all, your baby virtually eats whatever you eat. So, make sure to avoid sugary and processed foods, and focus on whole foods. Plenty of greens, fruits, eggs, almonds, apples or smoothies. According to Baby Center, the average amount of calories breastfeeding moms need is anywhere from 2000 to 2500.


Get on the hydration train

Not only is proper hydration of great importance for breastfeeding, as well as for proper kidney function, but for your body as well. Large water intake helps flush out all the toxins, and even more so if you add a bit of lemon or oranges.


Take back the night

Well, not the entire night obviously, but, be aware of the fact that chores can wait. Everything that isn’t absolutely essential can wait, because you need to take a nap. You’re not a bad mom if your home isn’t sparkling every minute of every day. In order to be a good mom and retain your sharpness (and get your body back), you need all the sleep you can get.

Be realistic

Yes, it took only nine months for the weight to come, and it’s possible that it will take more than that to get rid of it. Don’t feel stressed if other moms get in shape faster than you – every body is different, and you’ll get there in your own time. This isn’t a competition. Just, be patient, be consistent and everything will eventually fall into place.

Peter is a parenting and lifestyle writer for Voice Boks magazine.

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  1. Morgan Prince says:

    Back when I was a first time mum I was so isolated and felt very lonely. It didn’t occur to me to go for walks or anything like that so it took me years to feel like myself again. Great advice.
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo

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