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how to raise great kids

Jim Gromer sent me a copy of his book ‘How to raise great kids’ a few months a go. I’ve finally gotten around to read it! The books contains 101 tips for you to spend time with your kids, teach them important life skills and overall how to bond with them. Jim and his wife Rachel have four kids so you can say he’s an expert by experience.

Born in Denver, Colorado, Jim Gromer works as a television producer, screenwriter, and author. He served as a Search & Rescue Swimmer in the U.S. Navy during the Somalia and Persian Gulf conflicts before beginning his career in television in 1995. Jim was nominated for three Emmy Awards and took home the honor in 2009. He hosted the extreme sports TV series “Rocky Mountain Adventurer,” where the author introduced viewers to sky diving, kayaking, paragliding, ice climbing, and other dangerous pleasures.


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I found the book quite inspiring. There are tips for toddlers but also for older kids. You can read it front to back or just pick out a tip that suits your current situation. When I have my SAHM day with Logan I sometimes find it hard to come up with things to do. Either there are too many choices or I’m just to tired to come up with things. The book is divided in 101 chapters, one page for each tip. So it isn’t hard to take a few minutes to get inspired while drinking a cup of coffee.

I really liked the tips about how to educate kids. From spelling bees to learning how to have a social conversation. But Jim also writes about how to teach your kids about boundaries and how to stick up for themselves.

You can find out more on greatkids101.

I’m giving away one hard copy of ‘How to raise great kids’. Leave me a comment if you want to win.


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