MomMandy goes a 100 days without creating waste



100-100-100 Challenge

A couple of weeks ago I signed up to participate in the 100-100-100 challenge hosted by Avalex. 100 households challenge themselves into not creating waste for a 100 days.

Finally I could put my green skills to the test!

The kick off was at Avalex Headquarters in Delft. More than 200 people had signed up. When I arrived a nice young man guided me to a nearby parking lot because the main parking area was already full. Normally I’d be there early enough to make sure I have a parking space but unfortunately I was caught up in a traffic jam.

After parking my name was checked of the guest list and I was kindly invited in to the restaurant to have homemade lemonade or coffee. And I must say the coffee at Avalex was surprisingly good.

Inspiring speakers

The meeting was opened by  alderman Lennart Harpe. He explained about the program and how happy he was that so many people had signed up for the challenge. The first speaker was Mark Leeman from Rova who’s the initial founder of the 100-100-100 project. An inspiring, down to earth man who told us about the succes of the project in other towns.




Living without waste

Next up was Emily-Jane Lowe who has written the book: ‘Living without waste’. She gave us a glimpse in to her zero waste lifestyle.

I was happy to hear that her 3 young children have positively adapted the zero wast e lifestyle as well. Bringing up a conscious, green minded child is one of the best things we can do as a parent to create a future on a more healthy earth.



Zero waste goodie bags!

The speakers received the goodie bag which every household that participated would take home after the event to get them started. Inside was a box for kitchen waste to out in the counter, a reusable Dopper water bottle, Emily-Jane Lowe’s book about Living without waste and a small preserving jar with a recipe for fermented beets.

After that it was time to eat! The snacks that were served were to inspire you to not waste food at home. There was vegetable soup served in a bun, french toast, homemade lemonade, fresh fruits and veggies and you could even make your own smoothies on a hometrainer!




There was also time to have a word with the speakers and I had a chat with Emily-Jane Lowe and Machteld Woudenberg of Avalex. Two enthusiastic women who are positively inspiring others to make a lifestyle change. Because that’s what all this is about. Being aware and conscious about the waste you are producing and that winds up in landfill. Did you know that 98% of the waste in the container that’s picked up on your curb can be recycled?

Well I’m gonna do this the best way I can. I have a container for paper and cardboard, a container for plastics, metal and drink cartons and a container for kitchen scraps all set up. Avalex is going to stimulate us participants by giving us weekly challenges and has created a forum so we can talk about the problems we face while trying to change our lifestyle.

I will keep you posted about my progress.


Keep it green 😉


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    Please keep us updated, this is so impressive! I would have no idea where to start but look forward to learning more! Thanks for sharing at Family Joy Link Up!

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