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I just finished Jane Stoller’s book: Organizing for your lifestyle: Adaptable inspirations from socks to suitcases. I love a good book about organizing, especially if it gives me practical tips to implement into my own household. The books starts of by asking you what you want to get from organizing. Setting goals about why, how and what you’re gonna organize will help you achieve your organizing goals. There was a test as well to see what kind of organizing style you have. According to Jane Stoller I’m organized but there is still room for improvement. I totally agree with that.

The first chapter’s explains the benefits of organizing. From spending less money by having less clutter to feeling more relaxed by knowing that everything has it’s own place.

I was a bit jealous though when Jane spoke of her highly organized designer wardrobe. But as I am currently creating the perfect minimalistic capsule wardrobe I focused on her organizing expertise. Because I have a small closet with a hanging section with 15 hangers and 2 shelves I don’t need much organizing there. But if you do have an out of control wardrobe with clothes stacked willy nilly on each other Jane can help you redesign your space.

Our bathroom is quite small and I only store the necessities there. Every few months I have a good look which toiletries haven’t been used. Those go in to the bin and make the bathroom a little more of the sanctuary I always dreamed it to be. In her chapter about the bathroom, Janes shares what works for her. And she even spills her secrets on having a tidy and organized linnen closet.


Perfectly organized pantry, herbs & spices

The kitchen is one of the places I feel overwhelmed and less organized in. There always seems to be too much stuff even though I regularly declutter all the cabinets and drawers. Jane suggested to label everything. And here’s where I got excited! I borrowed my sister’s label printer and thought about what to label first. I started of with our herbs and spices collection. Tucked away in a drawer they weren’t easy to reach while cooking. I used a collection of little jars (all the same) and placed them on a Ikea picture frame holder.  Now I know what’s inside each jar and they are within easy reach.





Then I got to the pantry and did a major clean up and labelling session there. It was around 12 pm and my husband thought I was crazy to do this so late at night. But when I’m in a flow I go on and finish the job. Our pantry has 2 shelves. I took every basket and food item of the shelves and placed them onto the dinner table. I wiped down the shelves and placed the smaller narrower baskets on the upper shelf. The bigger baskets where placed on the wider lower shelf. And than I began putting every item into a category:

  • bread
  • pasta and rice
  • herbs and spices
  • snack
  • treats
  • drink cartons
  • coffee
  • cat food
  • soup

I took out every open package to avoid bugs and crums all over my neatly cleaned and organized shelves.


organized pantry organizing


I’m actually very good at organizing but I find it a challenge to keep everything organized. But I liked the way our pantry turned out.


organized containers


organized snacks


I found some empty containers for my open raisin and marshmallow packages. I also reused an old peanut butter- and a cookie jar to transfer the contents of open packages of crisps in.

Sometimes being inspired by others can help you get going.


In the Travel chapter Jane’s shows you how to properly pack a suitcase and shares her travelling essentials. I didn’t have the time to put her advice on organizing books in practice yet but it’s on my to do list. Same goes for the Storage room chapter.


I recommend this book if you want to get in control of your stuff. Take small steps like I did with my herbs and spices. After you’ve done a few smaller organizing tasks you’ll fee confident enough to do a bigger job like a pantry or kitchen.

Do you want to read Jane Stoller’s book and get organized? Leave a comment and tell me why you need Jane’s advice. We’re giving away one Kindle copy of Organizing for your lifestyle!


About Jane Stoller

Jane Stoller was born and raised in a small town in Ontario, Canada. Her parents immigrated to Switzerland in order to follow their dream of owning a dairy farm.

Jane’s love for organizing began as a child as she was often found happily lining up her pet cats, stuffed animals and books.  Growing up, her passion for organizing shifted to all types of storage space with a special desire for revolutionizing closets! Coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit, Jane has shared her organizing skills with countless friends and colleagues.

Jane holds a Bachelor’s degree in History and Political Science and a Master’s in Business Administration from Canada’s top universities.  Jane currently lives in Zurich, Switzerland and works in the construction industry.

To learn more, go to OrganizingForYourLifestyle.com or connect with Jane on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.





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