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De terugkerende depressies in mijn leven zijn vervelende periodes. Het positieve eraan is dat ze me inspiratie geven om te schilderen. De grote plus staat dan ook voor positiviteit in het leven. Ondanks de donkere periodes weet ik altijd wel wat te vinden waar ik dankbaar voor ben en waar ik kracht uit put. Continue reading →

How Gardening Makes You Happy

How gardening makes you happy

By Ann

It has been scientifically proven that gardening is an effective way to curb depression and mood swings. Gardening helps you concentrate and connect with nature. When your hard work comes to life and your planted flowers, fruits, or vegetable bloom, there is no happiness and joy quite like it. Even the simple task of digging and tending to the plants emits a plethora of happy juices in your brain. Moreover, it’s a much healthier alternative to hobbies like watching TV. Gardening boosts your immunity and makes you healthy and happy. Avid gardeners are often found claiming that even if they are in the worst of moods, some time spent in their garden helps them focus and be calm. Continue reading →

5 Rules of Reinventing Your Life at Any Age

reinventing your life

photo by D. Macinnes


By Olivia 

Change isn’t bound by years. It’s a perpetual process that has its roots in need, desire, and circumstances. But it should never be tied to any number whatsoever. But the boundaries that we create in our minds are often a reflection of our resistance to adjust and alter our lives. Even when it means improving. In the wise words of Louise Hay: “Know that you are the perfect age. Each year is special and precious, for you shall only live it once. Be comfortable with growing older.”

And while we may feel invincible in our twenties and steadfast in our thirties and forties, all the other decades that follow are as susceptible to growth as are the previous ones – so why should reinventions be any different? Continue reading →

Wat yoga voor mij doet

yoga mamablogger voelen


Doordat ik nu even ‘thuis zit’ hervind ik stukje bij beetje weer wat rust in mezelf. Ik ‘moet’ even niks en dat is heel fijn. Even geen druk en stress. De afgelopen weken heb ik ook veel nagedacht over hoe het komt dat er zich een herhalend patroon voor doet in mijn leven.

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