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Last week I had a great experience with my 3 year old. We took a parent-kid dance class together!

Quality time

I was really excited to do this activity with Logan. He’s not involved in any clubs or activities yet. And I think doing something fun together is a great way to spend some quality time. Especially since I’ve started work and a new education, spending quality time with my son is a top priority. I just want to savor the months till he’s in preschool and a whole new fase begins.

Dance, magic, dance

Our supermarket always has fun deals to save for. When you buy groceries you get a stamp for every E 10,- bucks you spend. This time the deal was when you save 10 stamps you get to choose 5 free sport activities. Thanks to family and friends I had enough stamps for 20 activities! So I browsed the list of activities and found something Logan and I could do together. We signed up for a parent-kid dance class hosted by a local dance school called SylCdance.


Bust a move

Our dance teacher was very welcoming and great with kids. There were about 8 other toddlers with their moms and dads. Logan likes to sing when his favorite songs are played. But I never had seen him dance before. I’m not a great dancer but I’m always up for fun activities.

I had no idea what to expect. But it turns out toddler dance moves are a great workout. We danced to several children’s songs and used our imagination to dance with hulahoops. Logan and I both wore sweatpants but I wished I’d worn leggings.

Logan and I had such a great time. And if I didn’t had to work every other weekend I’d definitely sign us up for weekly parent-kid dance classes.


What do you do to spend quality time with your kids?







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