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I keep a Productivity board on Pinterest. I collect tips and tricks to get me going when I’m in a rut.

I came a cross a pin from Hello Peaceful mind on ‘How to plan your week to be productive’. And guess what? It all starts with setting goals. Cause without goals, how can you plan productively? I really want to focus on my social media following so I’m gonna show you how I’m gonna set my goals and plan ahead.

  1. Setting monthly goals on increasing social media following

1.1 Facebook

I really want to increase my likes on Facebook, but I’m having a hard time with it. I’ve tried advertising a few times but it didn’t up my likes the way I wanted. My goal is to get 500 page likes this month. But I need to set a strategy to achieve this goal.

1.2 Twitter

Twitter has been the easiest social medium for me to gain followers. My goal is to get 2500 followers this month. I use crowdfire to keep track of the people who don’t follow me back. This app also gives me suggestions about content from others on Twitter to share on my channel.

1.3 Instagram

This is my favorite social medium at the moment. Snapping pictures and browsing through other peoples lives. I love it! My goal is to reach 750 followers this month.

1.4 Pinterest

It’s basically one gigant picture book. I can spend hours just scrolling through pins. My goal for Pinterest is to reach 1000 followers.


facebook mommandy

2. Task list for each goal

2.1 Facebook

Because I’m having trouble growing my Facebook audience I’m going to try a different approach.

Task 1: Have a critical look at my Facebook page. Is it appealing to readers? What can I change?

Task 2: Share more relevant content from others on my page to increase engagement.


2.2 Twitter

Although my Twitter followers are steadily growing I do want to focus more on my main audience: working women between ages 20 and 40.

Task 1: Share more relevant content suitable for my target audience.

Task 2: be more active in discussions.


2.3 Instagram

I’m receiving love on my snaps and that’s really nice! However, there are some things I want to improve.

Task 1: take better, prettier pictures.

Task 2: define the main subjects I want to focus on.


2.4 Pinterest

This is a very interesting platform to get more traffic to your blog. People click on the most beautiful pins.

Task 1: take better, prettier pictures for my blog

Task 2: Spend more time on Canva to make better main images to share on social media.

If you haven’t been on Canva, you should! It’s an excellent design program to make beautiful images.


mommandy84 twitter


3. Planning: schedule each task

Because I have 4 main goals I’m planning to spend one week on each main of them.

Week 6: Facebook

Feb. 9th: task 1

Feb. 10th task 2


Week 7: Twitter

Feb. 14th: task 1

Feb. 15th: task 2


Week 8: Instagram

Feb 21st: task 1

Feb 22nd: task 2


Week 9: Pinterest

Feb 28th: task 1

Mar 1st: task 2


Alright, so let’s get this show on the road! What are your goals this month?










  1. Richa Choudhary says:

    hey!!!this is great ecven i follow these policies but what i have decide dis each month focus on one social media try to leanr the tactics then next month the other one 🙂
    Great encouragement.landed here from top mommy blogs and voted for you too 🙂

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