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Goals with Grace

Goal planning with intention and purpose



Personal goals

Working with personal goals is something I’ve been doing for a while now.

I usually use the mind map and brain dump method to get everything off my chest and out of my head.

But there are always goals that come back with each new planning session.


Recently I’ve gotten the opportunity to use Goals with Grace by Victoria Osborn.

The main focus of this workbook is to plan your goals with intention and purpose.

As of August 31st I will be unemployed so I really wanted to take this chance to get a clear focus about what I want for myself in the future.


Work it

The Goals with Grace workbook consists of 11 chapters. In each chapter you are dared to discover what your intentions are.

For me, my main focus lies on:

  • Family: being a good mom to my son and have a healthy relationship with my husband. Spending time with my closest family members is also important to me
  • Creativity: this is something that’s an essential red thread through out my life. I need to be in a creative environment and/or participate in creative activities for me to bloom. For me, this is one of the best ways to transfer negative energy in to positive energy. Being creative myself also helps me to take time for myself and vent.
  • Health: I’ve been heaving problems with my energy level for a while. I just subscribed to a gym again in order to get fit. This also includes eating more balanced and healthier. I do not want to loose weight, I wan’t to gain some pounds through building up muscle.

Of course I’m also very busy with finding a new job! But I hope it doesn’t take me more than a few months to achieve this goal. smart goals

Time for myself


Because I’ve been struggling with my energy levels I have been feeling unbalanced.

I still haven’t found the right way to divide my time in such a matter that everything I want to do get’s done without me being overwhelmed or tired all the time.

Through one of the chapters in Goals with Grace, I’ve learned what is filling my time jar.

The biggest amount of my time goes to work, parenting and maintaining a somewhat clean and organized home. Where I’d actually want to spend more time on blogging and try making that my main job.

So it’s time to make a plan to actually be able to do that. While still keeping an eye on my 3 main focus area’s: family, creativity and health.


The workbook helped me form goals and making them SMART.

For me it’s important to not have too many big goals. I need to keep my energy and balance in mind so I want to keep my goals clear.


Goal 1: Find a new job the SMART way

S: I want to find a new job before September 1st 2016.  In my new job I want to to work 24 hours a week. The area’s I would like to work in are: marketing, communication, administration, creativity, management assistance, writing.

M: I will have reached this goal if I have a signed contract.

A: In my new job I want to work in a creative environment or have tasks that require creativity.

R: Finding a new job in marketing and/or communication may not be realistic because I don’t have working experience in this area. So looking for jobs in administration or management assistance are more realistic.

T: I have 11 weeks to accomplish this goal.


Having it written out like that makes it more clear for me which smaller steps I need to take to achieve this goal.

My mini goals to find a new job are:

  • Apply for a job in marketing and communication once a week
  • Apply for a job in administration and management assistance 3 times a week
  • Get feedback from 3 different persons on my resume
  • Go to a network event to meet new people
  • Have a backup plan if I don’t find a job within my set amount of time





Doing the assignments in the workbook has really helped me to determine where my priorities lie. I believe that if I focus on my main priorities it will help me be more content with how I spend my time while planning more efficiently and effectively.



If you’re interested in getting a copy of Goals with Grace for yourself, have a look here.




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