6 Tricks for a tidy home

Keeping a clean and tidy home all the time is considered a time-consuming and challenging task.  There are certain tricks that will help you cleaning. And it will spare you plenty of time that you can use for much more entertaining activities!

A place for everything

One of the major problems is the mess that one leaves behind in the morning hurry. Promising themselves that everything will be put back into order after the workday is over. In the evening we say “I will do it tomorrow” and this goes on for days. In the end we are surrounded by things that are not where they are meant to be. So the most important rule that has to be followed is to put everything back to its place. And of course, for everything to have an actual place.

Contain it

There are all kinds of boxes and drawers that come in handy. Wall-mounted hangers and storing departments can also be very useful. Anything can be put inside: shoes, toys, clothes, kitchen cutlery, whatever you want. They will take less space and by putting your stuff inside them you will protect them from dust. And you will save time from cleaning each one of them individually.


For those who take their time in the morning to put their make up on, try to collect your beauty attributes in a cosmetic case. This way, you will have a clean space in front of the mirror and you will always be aware of where your mascara is. You might also take the case with you, being sure that it will not scatter inside your bag or purse.

Don’t forget

Another big issue is the trash. People often forget to take it out and it remains inside for days making a mess. An Efficient method is to put a blackboard (or whiteboard) that fits your interior and asigning taks to your family memebers. This will get half the work done for you. It will also fill up the empty spot right next to the door which you have been wondering how to fill up for years.

Efficiently use your space

Another trick is to use all the space you have. Under the staircase, above the bathroom cabinet or add an extra shelf in the hallway. Things you don’t use often can go there and free up space for more important possessions. You can also label the boxes (if any) and this will reduce the time for searching a certain long forgotten object. You can doate old magazines and toys your children are too grown up for in to charity.


This next advise is not about new things to put in your house but about removing some. Carpets are beautiful, they bring warmth and color. But in reality they collect way too much dust and dirt in general. They are not suitable for people with dust allergies. They take plenty of time to be tidied up and must be vacuumed at least twice a week and they still cannot be cleaned entirely in home conditions. Also, the lack of a carpet makes a living room look more spacious.

It is really fascinating how much time is being spared just by taking the trash out on your way to the car. And how much your home feels like the comfort zone everyone needs whenever one returns home. It is the simple things that make your life easier and your home organized.

What do you do to keep your homy tidy?



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