Best Places To Go On Vacation With Young Kids


best vacation destinations with young kids

By Emma Johnson

Going on vacation with young children doesn’t need to be stressful or worrisome. Pick the best vacation destination for your family. You can guarantee that not only you’ll be able to relax but your children will have an experience of a lifetime.

Together, your family will make memories you will cherish forever.
Picking an age-appropriate location and style of vacation is really important to ensure that every member of your family has a good time. Taking an 18-month trek up Mt. Everest may not be ideal, nor is taking a two-year-old to casino-city Las Vegas, nor is going to a couples-only resort.  But something that involves everyone’s interests may be better. 

Vacation locations for young kids

Figuring out which destination to take your young children to really is a big part of holiday planning. Once you’ve found the perfect, age-appropriate location, the rest of the planning will fall into place. 
If you’re traveling with a baby, you’ll still have almost total free reign. They’ll be none the wiser about where they are and what they are doing. Traveling with toddlers and preschool-aged children is where strategic vacation planning comes into play.
But choose from any of these locations, and you will have the vacation of a lifetime. 


In North America alone there are 400 different Walt Disney World Resorts, all in a different theme and style.
From Animal Kingdom to Art of Animation, there is a themed resort that will bring smiles to everyone’s faces. With so many resorts on offer, a trip to Disney need not be a once in a lifetime experience. 
It’s becoming ever more affordable and accessible, so you could visit a different Disney resort every holiday and still only scratch the surface.

The Caribbean 

Many of us think that the Caribbean Islands are for honeymooners and couples only. Far, far from it. The Caribbean Islands are some of the most accessible and welcoming family vacation destinations anywhere in the world.
With all-inclusive resorts galore, you will genuinely be spoiled for choice, and so will your kids. Every family-friendly resort in the Caribbean has an age appropriate kids club run by highly experienced professional child care professionals and entertainers. 
If you want some time away from you little ones, then checking them into daycare or kids club for a few hours during your vacation will give you some peace and quiet and them the chance to meet new friends and try new things. Everything from traditional dance lessons, pizza making, and treasure hunts all lies in wait for them.
With picture perfect beaches wherever you turn, a vacation in the Caribbean is a great opportunity to teach your kids to swim. Crystal clear, warm waters and lots of marine life to see while snorkeling you can capture their imaginations with the wonder of the Caribbean coastlines. 


When we think of cruises we think of retirees hopping aboard and living the life of luxury. Surely a cruise is the worst place to take children on vacation. Far from it, just as with all-inclusive resorts cruise liners have countless activities for children and for you as a family as a whole. 
What is great about cruises is be able to visit multiple countries or cities without the potential turmoil of a long car journey or flight with restless tots. 

Any of the National Parks

If, as parents, you are the adventurous types there is no need to curb your desire to explore just because you’re traveling with young children. 
Yellowstone National Park is the perfect place to inspire your children to fall in love with nature. Although they may not be physically ready to hike for hours on end, why not look into using a child carrier? They get to rest and enjoy the view while you get to keep up the pace and cover the ground you want. 
When your tot is ready to walk again let them get out, run and play in the great outdoors. Likewise with Yosemite and the Grand Canyon

The Best Place is Together

The best vacation destinations for parents with young children are easier to find than you think. These are some more extravagant ideas, but even simpler, more affordable, trips will be amazing just because your family is together. 
So check out these and other places, and start planning your next family vacation today. 

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