7 Ways to effectively juggle your Business, your Family and your Relationship



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By Susie Almaneih

It’s not getting any easier to give all the aspects of life their share of attention. Here’s how the pros cover all their bases.

Time is our one non-renewable resource, and none of us want to get to the end of life and think we didn’t spend it in the right ways.  The pace of our modern existence makes less and less room for play, bonding, and exploring, and pushes harder for more effort and productivity.

However, sometimes it only takes subtle tweaking to achieve a little more control and equilibrium.  Entrepreneurs and executives have had to get very crafty when attending to all the moving parts of family, business, and marriage.  Here are some of the ways to make it work:

1. Work smarter, not longer

Business studies consistently reveal that managers who budget their time and plan for concentrated bursts of productivity see better results in work and life.  This means getting creative with scheduling, combining activities, and identifying your core productive cycles.

2. Mindfulness

You hear all the experts talking about it, but it’s not a new thing.  Applying mediation techniques a few minutes a day can help you make a quantum leap in your thinking.

3. Flex day

This is a key secret top exec moms use to get both work and family details done.  If that time is open at work, she can take the day to go to soccer practice or dance, and communicating through a common calendar with family members.

4. Outsource like mad

  If you are an executive, you are already good at this at work, but automate as much of the household chores and maintenance to clear time and energy for other things.  If your kids are older, they need to chip in too.

5. Plan romance

  It sounds like an oxymoron, but setting dates to do something fun alone with your mate can keep both of you going through the rough and hectic times.  Create a bucket list of things you want to do just the two of you and start checking them off.  Go on dates and talk about something other than work or family.  See a play or go to a gallery.  Feed your minds with your interests and remember why you paired off in the first place.

6. Eat together

The family meal should remain sacrosanct, where everyone helps, everyone catches up, and everyone cleans. Some families keep a meal chart so they have the same things on the same days, the shopping list stays updated, and family bonding is a daily activity.

7. Exercise together

If everyone gets in the pool or goes on a long bike ride or hike, you are multi-tasking in the best possible way. Get your blood pumping, get outdoors, and have a good time with your spouse and family.

We like Timothy Ferriss’s catch phrase when it comes to lifestyle design: “Rethink common assumptions.”  By implementing some simple life hacks, you can keep the well-oiled business machine moving forward. You can spend quality time with your family and you can nurture your partnership with your mate. The key to a balanced, healthy life is perspective and planning. And with a solid career, marriage and family under your belt, you’ve already garnered those skills anyways.

Having a busy work, social, and family life, Susie Almaneih is no stranger to the art of balancing multiple things at one time. Climbing the corporate ladder is a challenge for anyone, but that can especially be true when you are trying to do it in heels.  Susie Almaneih, entrepreneur and business executive, has learned over the course of her 20+ year career that as a female, being able to lead a juggling act in the professional world circus can sometimes be the biggest asset you’ve got.
Almaneih has proven that women can in fact pursue multiple interests, and succeed personally as well as professionally when the passion, time, and effort are there.  She has had extensive industry experience in the technology, sales, and marketing fields, and has worked for several top technology businesses and innovative brands. Currently, she is the SVP of Products and Program Marketing in Discovery Bay, California.


  1. The Mum Project says:

    Lovely post! Totally agree with number one, working a dedicated three hours and then have the rest of the day off should be the way forward. Within 8 hours people take many breaks and chat to their desk mate, etc. I’ve learned how important this is now because I want to spend more time with my boyfriend and son. I also really need to start eating with my family at a dinner table, we always sit in front of the TV which I think is terrible. I’m going to start this today! Thanks for the inspiration and sharing with #StayClassyMama!

    • MomMandy says:

      Thank for stopping by. Having dinner together as a family is something that’s really important to me as well. I do need to make sure the tv’s off and my husband puts his phone away so we actually spend dinner time together.

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