Zoobooks review + giveaway! Win a subscription for your kid (*giveaway closed)

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Have you heard about Zoobooks magazines?

Zoobooks is published by Wildlife Education. They publish four magazines for different ages.

  • Zoobies, for the littlest learners 0 to 3 years old
  • Zootles, for younger readers 3 to 6 years old
  • Zoobooks, for kids aged 6 to 12
  • Zoodinos, for the dino loving kids age 5 and up


Reading together

Because I love educational books and magazines I gladly took up the offer to review the Zoobooks magazines with my 3 year old son. We often go to the zoo and Logan has gotten quite familiar with a lot of its inhabitants. His favorites are the zebra’s and the chimps.

Logan and I like to look at the pictures in the magazines and name the different animals. We try to mimic the sounds the animals make. Do you know what sounds a zebra makes?


zoobooks win

Raaawwwr! Says the bear

The Zoobies book we read together was all about bears. I find it important that Logan knows how an actual bear looks like. In stead of cartoon bears he sees on tv. The Zoobies book is smaller compared to the others which makes it easier to hold for little hands. The layout’s clean and simple. Beautiful pictures and some inspiration for activities to endorse together.


zoobies win


Little explorers

You can tell the Zootles magazine is for slightly older kids (3 to 6 years). The magazine’s themed around a specific animal and gives additional info about the animal. I love the ‘What else can we do?’ section which provides activities to further explore the theme.

zootles win sucscription


You’re never too old to learn

Older kids (6 tot 12 years) can sink their teeth in to Zoobooks which is a proper magazine. I even learned a thing or two while reading it. There are pictures and photo’s of a specific animal with lots of info to read.


The biggest of al

I was looking forward to having a peak at the Zoodinos edition. When I was little I loved to find out everything there is to know about dinosaurs. My son really like the movie Good Dinosaur and I’m hoping I can share my interest in dinosaurs with him.


zoobooks giveaway


So if you’re looking for educational reading matter, Zoobooks might be interesting for your child as well.

I have 4 great Zoobooks prizes to give away!

  • 1 subscription to Zoobies
  • 1 subscription to Zootles
  • 1 subscription to Zoobooks
  • 1 subscription to Zoodinos


Just let me know what your child’s favorite animal is and which magazine you’d like a subscription to in the comments if you want a chance to win. Follow me on Facebook so I can keep you posted about new giveaways and articles.

This giveaway is open to worldwide participants and closes June 30th. 





  1. Bodil says:

    Our oldest daughter adores giraffes!
    And lots and lots an LOTS of other animals 😀
    She’d be very happy with a subscription to Zootles!
    (Our youngest daughter loves pigs :p So we would be equally happy with Zoobies 😀 )

  2. Sharon de Ridder says:

    My daughters favorite animal is a puppy! She would really like to have one… But instead, I would like to make her happy with a subscription to Zoobooks 🙂

  3. Miekske Dingens says:

    How nice!!!! I would love to enter for my 3-year old son. He loves all animals, but his favourite is an owl! <3 We live in Belgium, but his father is a English language teacher, so this would be so awesome!
    Zootles is ideal!

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